Gom Photography Emmaさんのファインアートの世界

Gom Photography Emmaさんをお招きしたオンラインセミナー










Fotopia hosted an online seminar inviting Emma Sato from Gom Photography. Emma shared her journey on creating fine art photography which shares her passion and ideas.

40 tickets were sold out immediately (in just 30 hours !) and photographers from all over Japan joined the seminar.

We received a lot of comments from the participants !

‘My heart is inspired. You taught me to listen to your inner self and see the beautiful things, understand what catches your eyes. You opened my new window ! ‘

‘I just love her passion and her creativity !

‘I was super excited to attend Emma’s seminar. All of her photos were breathtaking. I wish to go to her workshop one day ! ‘

‘I would like to apply what I’ve learned from you to my photo shootings and my retouches ! ‘